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Myrah Duque Coupon Mamacita
About – Coupon Mamacita

Hello and welcome to Coupon Mamacita! Thanks for visiting!

I’m Myrah Duque (AKA Mamacita!), Marilu’s mom, Osvaldo’s wife,  former Realtor and  PTA President, etc, etc. etc. and a woman who wears MANY different hats.

I love saving money and finding ways NOT to WASTE it! On this frugal blog I write about how to live a frugal lifestyle using coupons. With a $900/ budget to spend on groceries, personal hygiene, keeping the house fresh, etc., NOT was my idea of FRUGAL! BUT, the economy challenged us to look for other means of savings.

Watching a TV show one day, a couponer spoke about a $200 purchase at Wal-Mart where she only paid $10! At that moment, I said to myself:  IMPOSSIBLE! Well, I am proud to say,  IT IS POSSIBLE!!

What started as a radical life change soon became an exhilarating, beat-the-system challenge to feed our family for less. Neighbors and friends started to ask what was our secret into saving so much for PREMIUM items.  This is when Coupon Mamacita & Mamacita La Cuponera were born!

It’s been difficult learning to re-evaluate our wants from our needs but I can honestly say our life is so much simpler due to the changes we’ve made.

I invite you to follow me through this new frugal passion-venture, and have fun digging through the archives and follow along as we reduce our budget, using coupons,  and get creative with the resources we have. I will show you the way to BIG TIME SAVINGS! I’ve found an incredible amount of resources and support and thought I share with you dear readers.

**Here is a list of some of the articles I have been Featured in**

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To Promote and help families and individuals learn how to use coupons, store incentives, rebates and other forms of savings and applying them to their everyday products at the cheapest prices.

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