Join us TONIGHT @ 9PM EST for the Clorox Latino LIVE Spanish-language Facebook Chat: “Tips on How to Maintain Your Family Healthy during Flu Season”

cloroxchat41 300x236 Join us TONIGHT @ 9PM EST for the Clorox Latino LIVE Spanish language Facebook Chat: “Tips on How to Maintain Your Family Healthy during Flu Season”

REMINDER to join me, Clorox Latino and Latina Mom Bloggers tonight at 9-10 pm (EST) for the “Tips Para Mantener a tu Familia Sana en la Temporada de Gripe” LIVE Spanish-language Facebook Chat. We’ll discuss useful tips on how you can keep your family healthy and prevent the spread of germs during flu season.

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Comfort Plus Online | Comfort for our Elders #CaregiverComfort

Comfortplus 412x350 custom Comfort Plus Online | Comfort for our Elders #CaregiverComfort

Are you the primary caregiver in your household? Being the primary caregiver can be an overwhelming task especially in a multigenerational household. I truly enjoy and appreciate all the help my mother provides me with especially on days when I am over worked or when things don’t seem to be going my way. Throughout the years my mother has been my rock and now I that I am raising my own family I still try to provide for her.

Today’s Hispanic Population

Currently, Hispanics make up over 16% of the total population of the country. Although many companies have made efforts to accommodate the growing Hispanic elderly population the one major thing that usually gets neglected is the people who take of them. Growing up my grandparents provided structure and cohesiveness to our large family, as in many Hispanic families grandparents tend to live with one of their children. While I do enjoy the time I spend with my mother sometimes it can be difficult to make sure everyone in my household has all of their necessities.


Hispanic adults tend to have a lower prevalence of many chronic health conditions that the US population as a whole. Even though research has shown that there is a low prevalence of chronic disease, Hispanic adults tend have a higher prevalence of diabetes than do non-Hispanic white adults and they are also more likely to be overweight. What does that mean for you? It means without the proper medical care and informational resources providing proper care for your love one will be pretty stressful.

HealthRiskChart 300x75 Comfort Plus Online | Comfort for our Elders #CaregiverComfort

Issues that may arise and ways to help

According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, Hispanic caregivers tend to report the most stress factors from care giving. According to “The State of the Hispanic Caregiver” 9 out of 10 caregivers feel that they need more information on a variety of caregiver topics and help managing incontinence issues.

As the impact of social media continues to rise many Hispanic families are increasing their social media and internet usage more than any other group. Although Hispanic families have a tendency  to use the internet to find answers to the question they have concerning the care of their elders there still remains a high percentage that do not use the internet to obtain health care information. The internet can be a quick and effective way to find solutions to certain issues but not many websites strictly cater to the Hispanic community. Comfort Plus, Inc is a retailer that offers a variety of Tranquility products. While many incontinence products on the market today are overpriced, Comfort Plus offers top of the line quality tranquility products without the overpricing their merchandise.

Spanish Yearlong Savings1 300x133 Comfort Plus Online | Comfort for our Elders #CaregiverComfort is a website that intends to make incontinence product selection easier.  Why Comfort Plus?

Quick Facts about the products Comfort Plus offers:

Tranquility products are the most absorbent products on the market
Tranquility products provide unsurpassed skin dryness, odor elimination, and leakage protection
Tranquility products requires fewer changes due to their superior absorbency, which saves money for the user

Comfort Plus, Inc. also seeks to change how limited resources are for Hispanic caregivers. Comfort Plus Para Ti is a Spanish-language section that Comfort Plus has created to help people find correct products that they are seeking as well as helpful informational resources that are relevant to their situation.

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and ComfortPlus Online. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


Orgullosa? That’s Me!

Orgullosa Logo 3001 Orgullosa? Thats Me!

For the most part of my life, people have thought I was either European or North American due to my Blonde hair, fair skin, and Blue Eyes. That’s Ok, I grew up “standing out” among other Latinas even in my very own family.

I am an Orgullosa Latina con las faldas bien puesta! I am proud of  my accomplishments, achievements and strengths, with beautiful culture and rich history. It stems deep in our roots and goes back generations. It is the spirit of joy and happiness our parents instilled in us.That crucial life lesson that we must live to the fullest. The power to persevere through our trials of tribulation, and to lend a helping hand to our neighbor at a time of their adversity.

Why do I share this with you?  To celebrate the launch of a great new site:! A movement by P&G. A growing community of women where you can share your opinions and experiences and find interesting articles about home, beauty and more. What I enjoy the most about is connecting with other women and reading inspiring success stories.

I invite you to visit Orgullosa’s Facebook Page!

As an Orgullosa Latina wife, mom, daughter, etc, I am the backbone of my family, the one that makes the days go smoother, responsible for passing the delicious from the women before me who taught me strength, hard work and dedication; qualities I will pass on to my daughter and to other Orgullosa women. I am proud of my humble beginnings and the hard work poured into for a better life.As an Orgullosa Latina wife, mom, daughter, etc, I am the backbone of my family, the one that makes the days go smoother, responsible for passing the delicious sazon recipe from the women before me who taught me strength, hard work and dedication; qualities I will pass on to my daughter and to other Orgullosa women. I am proud of my humble beginnings and the hard work poured into for a better life.

Orgullosamujer2 222x387 custom Orgullosa? Thats Me!
Being an Orgullosa Latina has given me the opportunity to serve the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, helping families save money through both my Spanish and English Coupon Websites and from the FREE coupon classes in my community. This has been one of my greatest accomplishments! It is a blessing to help empower Orgullosa women and men about the importance of not only shopping with coupons but to save money in this tough economy.

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“I received compensation for participating in a SocialMoms and Orgullosa blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.”


21 Traveling Tips to Save Time!

Travelingpole 300x202 21 Traveling Tips to Save Time!

The average American only has TWO weeks off per year. This means that they have to make the most of their vacation time. There are many ways to start planning ahead, one that has helped me MyPoints! I earn Points for shopping online, then redeem my points for dining and travel!  Here are some useful Traveling tips to save you time!


1. Travel Open Jaw

If you want to cover a large distance on your trip, consider booking an open jaw ticket, which means you fly into one airport and fly out of another. For example, for a trip to California, consider flying into San Francisco, travel down the coast and fly out of San Francisco.  Flying open jaw means you don’t have to lose time backtracking.

2. Fly direct

If you are flying to your destination, if you can manage it, fly direct. Flying direct means you are less likely to miss flights, deal with lost luggage and suffer through delays. This is especially important if you are thinking of booking a flight with reward points, which often have you making multiple stops. If you’re tight on time, consider saving those points for a trip when you have more time.

3. Carry-on luggage

Flying? Save yourself some time and a migraine and only bring on your carry on. This is a big time saver at both ends of the airport. You won’t have to wait in line at airport to tag and check in your luggage on your departure and when you arrive you don’t have to wait around for your stuff to be unloaded from the plane. You can happily skip by everyone waiting and be first in line to the rental car agency, or to grab a cab.

Southwestairlines2 240x177 custom 21 Traveling Tips to Save Time!4. Train vs. Plane

Depending on where you are traveling the train can often be faster than a plane. In Europe and Asia the fast trains are a comfortable and quick way of traveling. For example, the train from the heart of Paris to the heart of London takes 2.5 hours, and a flight takes about an hour. Upon first glance the plane ride looks much faster, but when you factor in that you have to travel at least a half hour to and from the airports, arrive two hours early and may have to deal with delays, the train is a much faster option. And you get to see some great scenery along the way.

5. Use public transportation

Many people who drive in their everyday life are afraid of public transportation, especially in cities that they are not familiar with. Don’t be afraid, public transportation is an easy and cheap way of getting around. It saves you the hassle of playing around with directions and having to find parking. If the place you are visiting has a subway system, use it! Subways are not impacted by traffic, so they are almost always fast and on schedule.

6. Cheaper airlines are not always the best value.

Flying discount airlines is popular way of saving money when traveling, but it isn’t always the best use of your time. Many airlines get away with charging less for the flights because they use secondary airports that are far away from the destination. For example, discount airlines flying to Frankfurt often use an airport that is an hour and a half away. Signing up to Travel Newsletters is also a great way to stay up to date on the lastest deals out there.

7. Check in online when possible

Checking in for your flight online can save you lots of time at the airport. Many airlines let you check online up to 24 hours before the flight. You can print off your tickets or save them on your mobile phone, and when you get to the airport you can skip the lines of frustrated looking passengers and skip right on by to security.


accommodations1 300x170 21 Traveling Tips to Save Time!

8. Hotel near attractions

If your time is limited, consider spending the extra money to stay in accommodations close to the things you want to see. Hotels in Manhattan for example are expensive, so many people opt to stay in Brooklyn or New Jersey, but be sure to factor in travel time. If you only have 2 days to stay in the city, do you really want to give up a few hours every day traveling back and forth?

9. Mini Fridge in Accommodations

Don’t bother going out for breakfast, with a mini fridge, breakfast can be served in a snap. Milk, cereal and fresh fruit makes for a quick breakfast that can be eaten while you are getting ready.


Travelmeals 300x179 21 Traveling Tips to Save Time!10. Street Food

Don’t spend all your time eating in restaurants, eating street food can save you both time and money. Grab some food and find a nice spot to sit down and enjoy for a few minutes and you combine both eating and sightseeing. Some people may be wary of street food, but look for places with a line, which is a signal of fast moving, high quality food.

11. Eat during off hours

If you want to eat lunch at noon and dinner at six, prepare for lines and long waits to get your food, especially in popular restaurants. To get your food faster, eat during off-peak hours, which is usually a few hours before and after the popular dining times. You will get a table fast, and because the restaurants are not as busy, your food will be served faster too. Some restaurants like to let people take their time with their meals, so be sure to let your waiter know if you have to be finished eating by a certain time.

12. Pack snacks

Packing snacks helps save time when hunger strikes. Instead of venturing out to find something to satisfy our hunger and/or thirst, pack some snacks before you set out for the day. Dried fruit, nuts, dark chocolate etc and all easy to pack and satisfy your hunger pains. Bring a bottle of water and you’ll be set.


DisneyMickey 300x225 21 Traveling Tips to Save Time! 13. Get a private guide

Hiring a guide for a day can be a great way to see a place in a short amount of time. Having a private guide means you get to see what you want on your time. Not feeling a museum? No worries, with a private guide you can leave when you want. Guides know their way around the city and attractions and are sensitive to time constraints. Many private guides also have their own vehicle making zipping around to the different attractions a breeze and you get to learn some history on the way.

14. Go mid week

Attractions are often most popular on weekends, when most people have their time off. If you have vacation time during the week, hit the popular attractions on weekdays and you will find the lines and wait times much shorter.

15. Arrive early or late

Are you an early riser, then aim to be in line for popular attractions for when they open. Waiting a few minutes for a spot to open is much better than waiting hours in line later in the day. Not only will you save time in line, but once inside, you will have the place to yourself for a short while and you can see a lot more without the crowds. Conversely, arrive at an attraction about an hour or so before closing. Most of the days crowds will have filtered out leaving you with short waits, and you can really make the most of the time you have.

16. Use Google Maps

Map out where you are staying, plan on eating and what you plan on seeing and pin each of these places to the map. This way you can see what places are near each other and better plan out your day. Google maps can also show you the best routes for driving, public transportation and walking to get you where you want to go.

17. Book tickets in advance

Some attractions let you book your ticket and even time of visit ahead of time. Buying tickets in advance can let you bypass the lines. Some theme parks also have this same type of system for popular rides, which let you into a special line at your designated time.

18. Consider group tours

Group tours can be a resource when time is of the essence, because they often include access to attractions without having to wait in line. For example, in Rome, the wait to see the Coliseum can be hours long, but if you are on a group tour you won’t have to wait in line. Group tours also do a good job of letting you see the major attractions quickly, which is great for trips when you are only in the city for a day, like if you are on a cruise. Be sure to check before booking whether you actually get to visit the attraction or just “view it” as you go by on the bus.

CruiseShip 300x200 21 Traveling Tips to Save Time!19. What type of vacation

Look at the amount of vacation days you have before planning your next trip. Only have a weekend? Don’t bother flying anywhere; pick a place close to home that’s within a three hour drive. Want to see a lot and get a taste of different cultures, but only have a week to do it?

Consider a cruise. 10 days and you want to do a grand tour of Europe? Group tours typically visit a number of destinations in a short amount of time.

20. Underrated activities

The more popular the attraction, the more crowded it’s going to be and the more time it is going to take you to visit it. Do some research and find some attractions that interest you that you may not have heard of. Choose a lesser known museum, check out the local cemeteries, find a quiet park etc, visit a local market etc.

21. Research before you go

Spending a few hours researching your trip before you leave can save you tons of time on your actual trip. Many people show up to attractions on the day they are closed, leading to disappointment. Popular restaurants can be booked up days, and even weeks in advance. Make back-up plans for rainy days so you’re not scrambling when there is a downpour on your beach day. Be sure to check out travel guides, forums and even blogs by people who live in the city you are planning on visiting.

Did you enjoy this post?

This guest post is written by Vanessa employee of  Part Select. She loves to travel and makes the most of her vacation time.

 21 Traveling Tips to Save Time!

MANILLA – FREE Online Account & Bill Organizer!

manillanomorelatefeesscreen MANILLA   FREE Online Account & Bill Organizer! MANILLA   FREE Online Account & Bill Organizer!
Finally the solution to my MESS..………….Manilla! This is a FREE Online Account & Bill Organizer!  Do you manage many personal or business accounts on a daily basis, and don’t have a bill organizer that runs smoothly?  MANILLA is for you!  It is a FREE program you can trust, that will help you not forget or miss anything!

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Diabetes PAID Reseach Study| Compensation up to $1,000!

diabetes300study Diabetes PAID Reseach Study| Compensation up to $1,000! Diabetes PAID Reseach Study| Compensation up to $1,000!

If you suffer from Diabetes, you could be compensated up to $1,000 for participating in a Diabetes Clinical Research study! Enroll now and fill out the online screening questionnaire to help determine if you are eligible to  participate in this research study.

If you qualify, you may receive:

• Compensation up to $1,000
• Free study-related diabetes medication, & in some cases, FDA-approved medication
• Free, confidential care from a local doctor who specializes in diabetes
• Diet and exercise counseling

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