Mega SwagBucks FRIDAY! JOIN THE FUN & Build Your Xmas Fund!

Trying to earn EXTRA Swagbucks and then redeem for AMAZON gift cards for those Xmas presents??? TODAY is  Mega SwagBucks Day and TODAY your chances of winning even more! Swagbucks is a great vehicle to earn extra $$$$$!

What on earth are SWAGBUCKS?

 Swagbucks is a search engine similar to Google that allows you to earn Swagbucks (points), which you can redeem at various awesome retailers. It’s a FREE program that will pay YOU to Search the Internet! Every time you search you have a chance of winning  ‘SwagBucks‘! Once you earn Swagbucks trade them at the SwagStore! Choose from books, music, games,  cash via PayPal,  gift cards (my favorite!) such as:  Amazon, Starbucks + MORE!

Remember you also earned Swagbuck every friend you invite each day to join Swagbucks, and when they earn Swagbucks, you earn as well!

Not using Swagbucks yet? Sign up here and start earning FREE MONEY!


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