MyCouponKeeper FLASH Giveaway! (Ends 9/20)

How exciting is this?! Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom was given the privilege to review, keep, and give away the MyCouponKeeper coupon organizing system! I knew it was coming, so when the box was delivered, I TORE IT OPEN! I have been using a coupon binder for years and wanted to try a new system, but was too lazy/busy to do it. Well, this system sure gave me just the incentive I needed to get it going! The system that I received and will be given away includes:

  • MyCouponKeeper™ Coupon Box 14.9″W x 6.9″D x 4.75″H
  • 2 adjustable dividers to support coupons in box when not full 3.2″x7.2″
  • 3  MyCouponKeeper™ Purse Size Shopping Folders 6″ x 8″
  • 48 Durable PVC Coupon Guides
  • 55 Durable Pre-printed Category Labels to Choose From
  • 1  MyCouponKeeper™ Reusable Shopping Bag
  • How cool is it that it comes with it’s own bag (which it fits in perfectly).

I got to work right away labeling my dividers and sorting coupons! My kids had so much fun helping, I think it was because of their natural obsession with stickers LOL There is not 1 thing about the system that I don’t ABSOLUTELY ADORE! Oddly though, my favorite part of the system is the purse size shopping folders LOL I stuck one of these in my purse as I was headed in the grocery store and was able to keep all of my coupons organized without being overly obvious about being a coupon addict LOL The coupon box fit perfectly between the front seats of my Honda and is waterproof which is PERFECT for this Mom of 3! Overall; I would give this system 2 thumbs up and a 10 out of 10!

You can purchase your very own MyCouponKeeper system HERE! or enter to win one in the rafflecopter below :)
This giveaway is for a MyCouponKeeper Deluxe System is sponsored by MyCouponKeeper and hosted by Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom and other GREAT blogs!

It’s Simple to enter, just fill out the rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Cristita Hodge says

    Index divider,envelopes,folders(kids used folders after the school year) in short not very organize at all.

  2. Regina S says

    Right now I am using a binder. It is huge and heavy…lol I would love a new system to work with! (All though I do still love my binder!)

  3. Sammie Warwick says

    Right now I just use a small coupon holder and it really doesn’t work well. I usually end up losing coupons when I get to the store. This system looks wonderful!

  4. Michelle Coleman says

    They are all over the place and not cut out and I forget to use them. I have been really bad lately………:(

  5. Emily says

    I use a binder right now. But it’s getting to be a lot to carry around with me. So right now they are all paper cliped by category and in a zip loc baggie. I need a new and easier system!!!!

  6. says

    I now have a binder which is too bulky to carry around, so of late I have been carrying my coupons in my purse.

  7. Linda says

    I wish I could get my coupons organized so I can save my family money! Seems like whenever I find a coupon to use, it is expired. :/

  8. Amy says

    I’d love to win one of these, especially want to show it off to all my coupon clipping friends!:):)

  9. says

    good luck acomodo mis cupones del periodico en cajas plasticas con tapa y recorto mis cupones y los coloco en mi carpeta la cual llevo a todos lados y al hacer mis compras le entrego mis cupones $$$$ al cajero y chi-chin-listo pago poco o casi nada i love my coupons.

  10. kim says

    Right now i’m using a binder but i get embarrassed carrying it to the store with me because it’s so big! Just slipping each coupons in those baseball card holders is a hassle.. now i just clip my coupons and put them in a box then i’ll file it later when i feel like it.

  11. says


  12. RozzioDiazz says

    Right now i’m using a lot of envelopes , imagine . . . carrying it to the store ? ? ? NO WAY ! ! !

  13. Jeremy says

    My wife and I use two binders (one for food and one for non-foods) with dividers and those card-holder pages (like people use for baseball cards).

  14. Jenn Clark says

    I have a flex binder I keep my coupons organized. I then go through all my Match-Up sites and get my coupons ready .

  15. Heidi Vain says

    I can’t seem to find one that works well for me, so I have them just kind of jammed in my purse at the moment. :)

  16. Julie Ferris says

    My coupons are currently filed in a plastic file box. Each hanging file represents a day. So all of my coupons are filed by date!

  17. Gail R says

    I cut them out and shove them in my purse! LOL! I could REALLY use this organizer…thanks

  18. Jami says

    I use a small coupon holder to take the coupons for the things I use most in the store and keep the rest at home in file folders

  19. Gail Watson says

    Right now I am new at this and they are just laying all over my kitchen table. I have been trying to figure out the best way to organize and store them so your giveaway looks good to me :o)

  20. Rosie B says

    I currently organize my coupons in a travel hangling file folder bin.
    After clipping the Qs I’m going to use I put those in a plastic ziplock checkkeeper pouch. I’m always looking for ways to organize & improve :)

  21. Amber G. says

    I use crosses between the binder, expandable little coupon binder, note card plastic container, and my wallet! Need them all in one place!!

  22. Brandi J says

    I haven’t been clipping coupons like I want to because I am not that organized. It’s hard to do with four kids in the house and no where to keep things from getting scattered. I good organizer would be wonderful!!! With four kids, three dogs, a cat and a husband….I really need to coupon more!! :)

  23. Jessica R says

    I use a double binder but I find it really difficult to use. Its fine when its nice and clean and organized but once I start shopping…all that goes out the window. It would be nice to have something like this to use to keep up with the coupons I haven’t filed in my binder yet and to help me plan my shopping trips. I am too dependent on having ALL my coupons with me in the store though. I don’t think I can totally get rid of my binder. I would have to use this system to help me organize while clipping and planning and use the folder to take in the coupons I KNOW I am going to use. My binder would be my “back up” in case I come across an unadvertised deal or a clearance. Great giveaway!

  24. Tara Kate says

    It use to be a binder, but I’ve gotten lazy and right now it’s a big mess of uncut inserts and loose coupons all over the place, I really need this! lol

  25. Sherrie Justice says

    i don’t use anything for my coupons right now. would love something like this!!

  26. Tammy says

    I currently use a binder, but I have used a box in the past. I still can’t make up my mind which I like better. I would love to try your system.

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