Publix | Deals of the Week 6/28 – 7/4

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When shopping at Publix remember to STACK COMPETITOR store coupons with the Manufacturer Qs for additional savings! **Remember** if something is out of stock GET A RAINCHECK!

While shopping, be on the lookout for FREE s at Publix. **USE TWO COUPONS ON THE BOGO FREE.**



Lay’s Potato Chips – BOGO $4.29
Use the $1/2 Lay’s Chips Sweetbay “Sweet Inspirations” Booklet
OR the $0.55 Lay’s Potato Chips
OR the $0.75/2 Lay’s Kettle Chips (if included)

Publix Deli Tea Gallon – BOGO $2.59

Publix Deli Old Fashioned Deli Beans – BOGO $2.39

Sau-Sea Cocktail Sauce – BOGO (no price listed)

Perdue Breaded Chicken Breast – BOGO $4.39

Banquet Brown’n Serve Sausage – BOGO $1.99

Curly’s Chicken, Beef or Pork with BBQ Sauce –  BOGO $5.99
Use the $1 Curly’s Product Tearpad

Mangos, BOGO $0.99  (Yummy!)

Marzetti Dip – BOGO (no price listed)
Use the $1.50 Marzetti Veggie Dip WYB 2 Keebler Club Crackers
In the Publix “Ahorra mas de $25 en Cupones” Bbooklet

Ball Park Beef Franks  – BOGO $4.99
Use the $1/2 Ball Park Hot Dogs or from the 6/3 RP
OR the $1/ 2 BALL PARK Hot Dogs
OR the $0.75/2 Ball Park Franks from the 6/3 RP
OR the $1/3 Ball Park Franks from the 6/3 RP

Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce – BOGO $2.35
Use the $1/4, $$1/2 or $1/3 Sweet Baby Coupon from the 5/20 SS

Mueller’s Pasta – BOGO $1.57
Use the $0.55 Mueller’s Pasta
OR the $0.55/2 Mueller’s coupon from the 5/20 SS

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise – BOGO $4.73
Use the $1 off Chicken wyb Hellmann’s Mayo peelie
STACK with $0.50 Target Q in the “Lotsa Summer Goodness” Booklet
OR the $2/2 Hellmann’s from the 6/24 SS
OR the $1 Hellmann’s Coupon in All You, June ’12

Kraft Dressing or Sizzling Salads Dressing  – BOGO $2.85
Use the $0.55 Kraft Sizzling Salad Dinner Kit from the 6/17 SS
OR the $1 Sizzling Skillets Peelie
OR the $1 Kraft Anything Dressing
Stack with $1/2 Kraft Salad Dressing Target Coupon

Gatorade Thirst Quencher – BOGO $2.75

Quaker Cereal Cap’N Crunch, Life or Squares – BOGO $4.89
Use the $1/2 Quaker Cereal Target Coupon  from the 6/17 RP
STACK, with the $1/2 Quaker Cereals

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars – BOGO $2.99
Use the $1 Quaker Yogurt Granola Bars or Soft Baked Bars (if included)
OR the $1/2 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars peelie

Selected Pepsi Products 2 L – BOGO $1.75
Use the $1/2 Dr Pepper 2-liter bottles from the 6/24 SS

Cheez-It Snack Crackers, 9.75 to 14 oz, BOGO $3.39
Use the $1.50/3 Cheez-Its Q in “Ahorra mas de $25 en cupones” Publix Booklet
OR the $1/2 Sunshine Cheez-it baked snack crackers  peelie
OR the $0.50 Cheez-It Mozzarella Baked Snack Crackers tearpad

Thomas’ English Muffins – BOGO $3.99

Beech Nut Stage 2 Baby Food – BOGO $0.55
Use the $1/3 Beech Nut Products
OR the $2/20 Beech-Nut Jars
OR the $1/10 Beech Nut Baby Food Jars
OR the $1/8 Beechnut Glass Jars

Lipton Tea Bags – BOGO $4.29
Use the $1/2 Lipton Tea product, Wish-Bone Salad Dressing, or Lipton Recipe Secrets peelie

Lawry’s 30 Minute Marinade – BOGO $3.35
Use the $0.50 Lawry’s Marinade (zip 44240)
OR the $1 Lawry’s Hangtag

French’s Classic Yellow Mustard – BOGO $1.87
Use the $0.30 French’s Coupon from the 5/13 or 6/24 SS
OR the $0.30 FRENCH’S® Mustard
OR $0.30 French’s Q from the  Everyday with Rachael Ray, JULY ‘12
OR $0.30 French’s Q from the Cooking Light, JULY ‘12
OR $0.30 French’s Q from the Cooking with Paula Deen, JULY ‘12
OR $0.30 French’s Q from the 5/13 SS

Rotel Tomatoes – BOGO $1.49

Crystal Light Drink Mix –  BOGO $3.49
Use the $1.50/2 Rubbermaid & Kool-Aid Coupon from the 5/6 SS
OR the $1/2 Crystal Light Drink MIxes from the 5/6  SS
OR the$1 Crystal Light Mocktails Drink Mix Tear pad

Kellogg’s Krave, Rice Krispies or Cripix  Cereal – BOGO $3.99
Use the $1/2 Kellogg’s Krave Cereals 
OR the $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals from the 6/3 RP
OR the $1/2 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

M&M’s Chocolate Candies – BOGO $4.89
Use the $1.50/2 or $1/2 M&M’s Coupon from the 6/17 RP
STACK, with the $1 M&M’s Publix coupon $3 Donation Sheet

Nature’s Own Bread White wheat – BOGO $2.69
Use the $.75 Nature’s Own Cooupon from the 5/13 SS
OR the $0.55 any Nature’s Own product or HERE

Planter’s Dry Roasted Peanuts – BOGO $4.29
Use the $1 Planters from the 6/24 SS
STACK with the $1/2 Planters Target Coupon

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn – BOGO $5.29

Fab Liquid or Powder Detergent – BOGO $3.99
Use the $1/2 Ajax, Dynamo, Fab Coupon from the 5/20 SS

Chinet Classic Dinner Plates – BOGO $6.39
Use the $1/2 Chinet Coupon from the 5/20 SS
OR the $1 Chinet Coupon from the 6/24 SS
OR the $0.55 Chinet Coupon from the 5/20  SS
OR the $1 Chinet Product
STACK with the $1/2 Chinet Target Coupon

Chinet Napkins – BOGO $2.19
Use the $1/2 or $0.55 Chinet Napkins Coupon from the 4/1 SS

Purina Busy Dog Treats – BOGO $3.79
Use the $1 Purina Busy Coupon  from the 4/29  SS
OR the $2/2 Purina Busy Brand Chew Treats Coupon from the 6/17 SS

Publix Naturally Flavored Orange Drink – BOGO $1.69

Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick – BOGO $2.20
Use the $0.50 Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant peelie

Noxzema Shaver – BOGO $4.99

Publix Omeprazole Acid Reducer – BOGO $9.89

Breakstone’s Sour Cream – BOGO $2.59

Kraft Velveeta Cheese – BOGO $4.39
Use the $1 Cheese Block, Shred, or Chunk Coupon (FL only)

Home Run Inn Chicago’s Premium Pizza – BOGO $7.99

Pictsweet Deluxe Family Size Vegetables – BOGO $3.39

Luigi’s Real Italian Ice – BOGO $3.39
Use the $0.75/2 Luigi’s Real Italian Ice from the 6/24 RP
OR the $0.75/2 Luigi’s Real Italian Ice Coupon

Fatboy Ice Cream Sandwich  – BOGO $4.89

TGI Friday’s Appetizers – BOGO $6.39
Use the $1/1 T.G.I. Friday’s Frozen Snack
OR the $1/2 T.G.I. Friday’s Snacks
OR the $1 TGI Friday’s Frozen snack wine tag

Cool Whip Whipped Topping – BOGO $1.67

Quirch Frozen Fruit Pulp – BOGO $1.99
(Thanks, IHeartPublix!)



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 Publix | Deals of the Week 6/28   7/4

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