Pumpkin Carving | How-To’s!

It’s Fall and fall means pumpkins!   If you haven’t done so already, this weekend is prime time for carving pumpkins with the kids! It’s a Halloween tradition and Zippo has assembled some easy-to-follow tips so that you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

You will need:

* Pumpkin (keep in mind the smaller the pumpkin, the smaller your design needs to be)

* Newspaper (keeps the clean-up to a minimum!) AND we have lots of these right?

* Marker Stencils (if you really want to get creative, search online for some cool stencils)

* Sharp knife/spoon (tools of the pumpkin carving trade!)

* Small tea-light candle (light up your design so your neighbors can see your creation!)

* Zippo Flex Neck utility lighter with a flexible nozzle so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers when you bring your carving to life!


  1. Place a pumpkin flat on its bottom, on a flat surface (so the stem is at the top)
  2. Draw a circle around the stem with a marker.  Make sure the circle is large enough so that you can fit your hand through it!
  3. Cut around the outline with a long, sharp knife
  4. Lift the lid and remove the flesh from the pumpkin with a spoon (if you’re a fan of pumpkin seeds, you can roast them later on for a healthy snack!)
  5. Rinse the interior, clearing out the remaining flesh, and tip away the waste
  6. Draw your design on the front of the pumpkin with a marker or draw around an already-made stencil – have your kids sketch out their designs on a scrap piece of paper and ensure they’re happy with it before they transpose it on the pumpkin!
  7. Insert the tip of your knife into the lines drawn and begin carving your design

Once your masterpiece is complete, place the small tea-light candle inside the pumpkin.  Save your fingers from any unnecessary burns by lighting it with a Zippo Flex Neck. The long, slim, adjustable nozzle will fit right in between the carvings so that you don’t have to remove the candle to light it. Your fingers will thank you!

Have you be carved a Pumpkin?

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