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The holiday season is always about family! This year we traveled to Miami where we visited and celebrated our family traditions! Such great family gatherings! My step-sister Rossy, is one of those family members that traveled from the Dominican Republic just to spend our FIRST Christmas together!

Christmas Holiday Britax

Uncles, aunts and cousins also joined in this year to celebrate our traditional Christmas Eve! Among palm trees, nice breeze, lots of music and of course our favorite foods (Pork, churrasco, pasteles, arroz con guandules, salads just to name a few) the fun began! It was Priceless catching up with friends and family who reside abroad.

Christmas day itself we do a lot of driving around as that’s when we deliver presents, especially those who weren’t able to make it the big party. The feast continued.


New Year’s Day was memorable! We visited the Florida Keys and had to do a lot of driving. So, I always remind my family to be safe and cautious and for those with children to make sure they have a good and reliable car seat like the ones from Britax.

keywest boat2

Key west newyears

Lots of people on the road this time of year so we always want to make sure we have the safest rides possible. Part of why I love delivering the gifts is that I get to see everyone and also because it’s such a happy time. Kids and adults alike love receiving gifts even small ones it’s the time we spend together that is part of the gift.

How did you celebrate your family traditions?

New Year Celebration

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Become a Personal Shopper and EARN Money Shopping! #Spon

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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Become a Personal Shopper and EARN Money Shopping! #Spon

Who doesn’t LOVE to shop right? Even if it’s window shopping. Shopping sees to always make me feel better when I’m down! And now with the Holidays approaching us many of us are looking for ways to save even more.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own. I only recommend products or services I use personally and I believe will be “family friendly.” I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


How to Get Target Pharmacy Coupons

April is THE month to get Target pharmacy coupons! Why you may be wondering? This month Target Pharmacy is offering double rewards, yes DOUBLE rewards!

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Well let me first explain to you how to get Target pharmacy coupons then I’ll explain further how you can get double rewards for the entire month of April, 2013.


Every family at some time or another will need to fill a prescription so why not save on that prescription, right? Well that’s where Target pharmacy coupons 2013 step in.  You’ll need to head on in to your local Target pharmacy and ask for an application (free) for the Target Rewards program. Its a completely free program that tracks your prescriptions and offers you, the consumer, rewards for filling your prescriptions at the Target store pharmacy.

Target will then mail a plastic pharmacy  rewards card to you.  Now you can start receiving Target pharmacy rewards. Those rewards come in the form of coupons mailed directly to your home. Sometimes you’ll receive coupons for health care items or vitamins and sometimes you’ll receive coupons to get a FREE Target gift card when you fill or transfer a prescription to your local Target pharmacy. Pretty nice huh? Well, it gets event better. Once you’ve filled just 5 prescriptions through your local Target pharmacy they’ll mail a coupon to you for 5% off a day of shopping on ANYTHING at Target! Really!  I especially like this sweet little perk around the holidays.  I shop a sale, use my 5% off pharmacy card then then I pull out my Target Red Card (you can apply on line)  to pay at the register and it INSTANTLY takes off an additional 5%.


One of my favorite things about the coupons that are mailed to your home from being a member of the Target Pharmacy Rewards program is that those coupons are Target STORE coupons (click link for Target store coupons)  and you can stack those coupons with manufacturer’s coupons (like the one here & here or that come in your Sunday newspaper) so you can double your savings.  It makes for a GREAT deal on so many items!  Above are the coupons I received from my Target pharmacy rewards mailer.

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Navidades with Net10 Wireless! #Net10Latino


What used to be a luxury is now a necessity.  That’s right….it’s the cell phone.  It wasn’t that long ago we had one cell phone in our home.  Now everyone has their own.  Along with the convenience comes the dreaded contracts and monthly service charges which seem to creep higher and higher.

If you want the convenience of a dependable cell phone service without the headaches and hidden fees, it’s Net10 Wireless to the rescue!

You’re probably thinking these are lame, outdated phones.  Wrong!  Net10 Wireless offers the hottest up-to-date phones with the same great service as the big name companies but at almost half the cost.  Maybe you like your current phone but not the provider.  Consider switching to Net10 as many phones are compatible with Net10 service; you’ll only need a new sim card.  With the holidays here and more and more peolpe wtching their spending, Net10 is the most affordable way to keep in touch with friends and family.

Net10 offers affordable family plans so everyone can get as many minutes and as much data as they need all at reasonable prices.  A great benefit with Net10 is the ability to  change your plans, your phone, etc. without penalties — that’s a big advanatage over those other guys.  Net10 offers very flexible airtime or monthly plans which are available at any of their 90,000 locations or even online!!

I received two Net10 Wireless Phones and a 90-Airtime Card to try out their services and boy was I amazed. The service was just as good as current cell phone offers.  The LG phones are very user friendly, have many great features and are very modern and stylish.  The clarity of the calls was very good and the wireless signal was great.  I was most interested in the new Family Talk Plans from Net10 Wireless.  With a teen running from school to work to social events, a hubby on the road quite a bit, and me using my phone for everything, the Family Talk Plan fits all our needs.  Everyone in the family can have their own smartphone, plus unlimited everything—all for half of what a contract plan would charge.  This music to this frugal-blogger’s ears!

Net10 Wireless gives you great savings, no activation or cancellation fees and terrific coverage throughout the nation.  The first line is $50 for unlimited data, text and talk; each additional line is just $40.

Choose from:

    • 2 line family plan: $90 for unlimited nationwide data, text, talk, 411
    • 3 line family plan: $130 for unlimited nationwide data, text, talk, 411
    • 4 line family plan: $170 for unlimited nationwide data, text, talk, 411

I love how Net10 Wireless offers a discount when you choose to autopay each month.  And that’s on top of their already low prices!

Vsit the Net1o Wireless Facebook page for more information!


This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Net10 Wireless. However, all opinions expressed are my own.