Technogel Pillow Flash Giveaway,

Sweet Sleep Flash Giveaway

September 10 6pm – September 12 Midnight, Eastern Time, 2012

If you are like many millions of Americans having trouble to have a comfortable and deep sleep every night, then you probably have tried an endless number of measures to get your precious ZZZ.

Though there are a lot of factors that contribute to a successful sleeping routine – like going to bed at the same time regularly, stop watching TV and computer screens at least one hour before your bed time, thinking positive thoughts, – one of the most important ingredients to your successful night’s sleep lies in your… pillow. Yep, a good pillow has a lot to do how you end up feeling in the morning.

One of the innovations in the healthy sleep market is a Technogel Sleeping Pillow.

This pillow is filled with a specialty gel that boasts of the following properties

• 3D Deformation supports your head and neck by conforming to your body’s physical lines
• Cooling Effect provides the needed comfort during sleep, especially in the summer
• Hypoallergenic benefit protects you from sneezing and itching

If you one of those trying to figure out how to sleep more comfortably, then may be it is your turn to test this Technogel Pillow. The Technogel US has offered one of our winners her own Technogel Pillow to test and to own!

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Disclosure: This giveaway has been sponsored by Technogel US and hosted by Coupon Mamacita. The sponsor is responsible for prize disbursement and mailing. I have not received any monetary or product compensation.


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  1. Andra Eads says

    My pillow gets flat too quickly…no matter what brand I buy…I would love to have a pillow like this!

  2. Elizabeth Ciupa says

    No, I’m not satisfied with my pillow. I can’t seem to find one that works for me. It would be awesome to win this one.

  3. Andy says

    I love my pillow, but would love to win this for my sister. I think she could use a good pillow.

  4. Brooke Bumgardner says

    Not satisfied with my current pillow…definitely want to try this, I think it would be helpful in reducing some of my pain from fibromyalgia.

  5. says

    Oh for a nite of blissful sleep without night sweats and neck aches. Plz let me win one of these and if it works, I’ll be your best supporter and blast it all over Facebook!

  6. Danealia Copps says

    With my 2 year old daughter I need all the best sleep I can get. I really hope I’m lucky enough to win this pillow.

  7. Brenda Leon says

    No, not happy with my pillow. I had two neck/back surgeries seven year ago and can not get comfortable. I sleep very little. Maybe this pillow would help me. Thanks for opportunity to win one, since I can not afford one because I am not allowed to work since my surgeries.

  8. Amanda Rauch says

    I need to go pillow shopping for everybody in the house. We try to replace them every 6months to one year.

  9. Jennifer Hollis says

    I need this pillow. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and my current pillow gives me no support. This pillow looks so good.

  10. says

    I want this so bad, I have serve back and neck problems. My pillow now sucks and does NOT give any support what so ever, in fact it makes my neck and back worse to wear I wake up with a migrane almost every day!!!

  11. says

    me encantaria esta almohada ya que utilizo 3 almohadas para dormir debido a que sufro de una condicion de mi espina dorsal y mi cuello y pienzo que me puede ayudar a mi condicion ,suerte a todas

  12. Lisa says

    I wake up with a sore neck every morning, so no, I’m not satisfied with my current pillow.

  13. Chad says

    Hate, Hate my pillow! It crushes down so easily underneath my big head. My neck is always killing me!

  14. Cindy A says

    i would love a pillow that you don’t have to fluff up in the middle of the night. this looks wonderful.. :) my pillow can go bye bye!!!

  15. Gwen L says

    I would LOVE to win one of these pillows. I have trouble sleeping because I get too hot and I am constantly flipping my current pillow. It sounds like HEAVEN! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Susan R says

    I have been looking for a good pillow for ever. I would love to see if this pillow can help me get a good night sleep and not have a sore neck.

  17. Kael says

    Hate my pillow..i need a firm pillow..they usually start firm but dont end up staying firm long.

  18. Deborah Love says

    I am looking for a pillow that is somewhat firm but not hard as a rock, and doesn’t flatten to nothing. I have been trying different pillows that I have and can’t find one that is good. I am so in need of a good pillow. Been having trouble with my back & I think that the pillow problem may be a help in that problem.

  19. Pamela Smith says

    I would SO love a pillow that stays cool!! no more flipping all night for the “cool side!!”

  20. beth says

    im not happy with my pillow its too flat or something i need something firmer i have alot of back issues

  21. Elaine White says

    this seems like the “coolest” pillow ever….it would be a DREAM to sleep on it…thank you! :)

  22. angela harmon says

    I love that is has a cooling affect. I love when my pillow is cold when I first get into bed :) what a great giveaway!

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