Walgreens FIRST LOYALTY CARD! “ADIOS” Register Rewards…”HOLA” Balance Rewards!


Walgreens  FIRST LOYALTY CARD is here! The Register Rewards program at Walgreens will soon be history! It will be replaced with the “Balance Rewards”  which will be efective as of  September 2nd (online registration only):

Check out some of the details about this new Program:

  • Sign up online as of September 2nd or in-store starting 9/16.
  • Members will receive exclusive savings every week on popular products.
  • Redeem points in-store or online immediately, or save them.
  • Bonus Points expire after 36 months from date of earning or after 6 months of no activity
  • You must be a Balance Rewards member to get the sale price
  • You will be able to manage your account with the Walgreens mobile app or on-line
  • You can also earn points for making healthy choices such as participating in the Walk With Walgreens program, or purchasing prescriptions (in select states).

You will not be allowed to redeem your points and earn them on the same product.  For example, if you have 5,000 points and you want to redeem them to save $5 and you purchase 3 items which each will reward you with 500 points,  you can use the 5,000 but will not earn an additional 1,500 at the same time. There are also restrictions as to what you can redeem your points towards.

Also, the value you earn will be reduced by the coupon used.  So whatever your potential point value would have been will be reduced to the after coupon value.

**WHAT IS BALANCE REWARDS?**Balance Rewards is a comprehensive loyalty program that offers easy enrollment, instant points and endless rewards, as well as ways to get, stay and live well at Walgreens.

As part of the nation’s largest drugstore chain, Balance Rewards has the potential to reach more consumers than any other existing consumer loyalty program in the country. There are more than 7,900 Walgreens drugstores across the country, serving nearly 6 million customers daily.


August 16th: Walgreens Employee Enrollment
September 2-15th: Online Enrollment
September 16th: National Launch


Balance Rewards includes many of the best aspects of existing loyalty programs and has distinct features that competitors do not match, including:
  • Members can earn points for making healthy choices.
  • Members may earn and redeem points both in-store and online.
  • Exclusive benefits for AARP members.
  • A customer-friendly expiration policy.


1)    It’s easy to Join and Use and it’s FREE!

Customers can join and start earning points immediately for their purchases:

  • At checkout or any photo kiosk,
  • Online at Walgreens.com/Balance
  • With your Mobile devices
2)  Members receive exclusive savings every week on popular products.

3)  Savings and points can be easily earned when members show their Balance Rewards card, provide their telephone number or scan their mobile phone.

4)  Members can easily access their point totals and see how many points they need until their next reward at checkout, online or through their mobile device.

Instant Points
  • Instantly earn and redeem points for thousands of items in store and online
  • Earn points for activities that help you stay well, like Walk with Walgreens, immunizations and — where states allow — for prescriptions.
  • Receive exclusive access to the Walgreens online Pharmacy Chat service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Endless Rewards
  • Redeem points immediately in-store or online for something special or hold off until they have earned more points for a greater reward.
  • Points will not expire as long as members remains active by shopping at Walgreens at least once every six months and redeem their points within three years.
  • Points go further as you earn more.


5,000 – $5
10,000 – $10
18,000 – $20
30,000 – $35
40,000 – $50

(Thanks, CouponClippinDaddyMySavings)!

What are your thoughts about Walgreens FIRST LOYALTY CARD?


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